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Remote Mics + Hearing Aids =
a Perfect Pair

The growing availability of multi-purpose remote microphones means hearing aids that do not contain telecoils can now connect to the signal  from a hearing loop.  They can also, in some  cases, do this with FM or other assistive listening systems in addition to allowing receipt of sound from distances hearing aid microphones cannot capture.

Click on the link below to earn about the benefits this remote mics offer to their users.

      Real news and rumors on Auracast™      and the death of telecoils​

   Auracast™ is no longer only discussed in the future tense.  There are now products on the market that use this newest Bluetooth® technology.  Meanwhile, speculation regarding the impact of Auracast on the future of hearing loop/telecoil technology is that this time tested assistive listening has at least ten years before it is no longer the preferred means of communication access in large public venues.

         ​Click on the link below to get the latest on                assistivie listening.

March 27, 2023
March 7, 2023