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Not Everyone Qualifies for
OTC Hearing Aids​

Over-the counter hearing aids are intended to meet the needs of people with mild to moderate hearing loss.  For twenty percent of the hard of hearing, they are not enough - they will still need to buy prescription hearing aids in order to get the required strength and clarity they need in order to hear well.

​This article reviews the results of a survey as to what technology this subgroup feels they do or to not need. Click on the link below for details.

​OTC Hearing Aids - There's the hype and then the reality

     The introduction of over-the-counter hearing aids appeared to promise that, like OTC reading glasses, consumers could just walk into their local drug or big box store and walk out with a pair of FDA approved hearing aids to treat their mild to moderate hearing loss.  For some, that promise is being broken.  For others, it's not really all that simple.

This article is one person's experience when visiting a number of nearby retailers who made the promise noted above.  Click on the link below for a reality check...
January 24, 2023
Winter, 2023