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About the high cost of hearing aids

A study done in 2004 found the average wholesale invoice for a hearing aid was $457 and the average retail price for that hearing aid was $1,785. Those figures have both increased but the big difference between the two figures has not.  This results in the question, where does all that money go?
                                                                                                                                                            Learn what was learned in this attempt to track down where your hearing aid dollars end up.

A hearing care consumer's thoughts on OTC hearing aids

Over-the-counter hearing aids are about to become a reality and available at your neighborhood drug and grocery store to treat mild to moderate hearing loss.for under $1,000 for a pair.  Logic says these devices will increase hearing aid use yet it's no higher in the UK, where their free, than here in the US where they're not.

     To learn about how this game changing development   could possibly impact hearing care click on the link below.
August 25, 2022
September 7, 2022